How To Find The Perfect Home

How do you find the perfect home these days? Do you look online or in a local printable paper? Do you look at the images of the decor or how clean the carpet is (see Dirtbusters carpet cleaners in Liverpool. Or do you perhaps envision your own belongings and yourself in this speculative space?

Many people look online or visit a local realtor or estate agent’s website (or the store). Being able to be found online using methods such an SEO is essential to your chances of appearing above your competitors.

There is also the option of using paid advertising but this is very pricey and you can easily burn through your budget if you are the company carrying out the advertising campaign.

So with this in mind it makes sense to find a company that has taken the time to carry out branding exercises which has been pushed to potential clients from multiple marketing channels.

Be warned though because more marketing channels means a bigger budget which in turn also then means more overheads due to more staff and premises to maintain.

Take your time to assess the options, depending upon the market at the time of looking you may find it is a sellers or a buyers market at that particular time.

This is basic economics and describes the situation where prices raise due to demand and supply either stays the same or falls.

Of course, the opposite of this is that it is a buyers market and nobody is buying but everyone who has an appartment or house to sell wants to sell, therefore its easier to negotiate a lower price.

How do you find your perfect home? You exhaust all channels, do extensive research and don’t just trust a big company because you have see them splattered all over the TV.

So your choices are limited to Right Move (and of course there are many online agents but Right Move seems to have the market cornered), local estate agents (who also appear on Right Move) or you can drive around looking in areas that you like and keep an eye out for FOR SALE signs.

I personally don’t have a preference as sometimes I find a property I like the look of somewhere online, other times the wife and I are wondering past a local estate agent and spot a great property which we then follow up. There are other times when we’re out for a drive and we find a house that we really like that has a sale sign out front.

This is just my own approach, I’m not an expert but it does seem to me that you a lot of choice when it comes to finding the dream home and you just need to look in the right place at the right time. Wirral is a great place to start looking 😉

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